Popper Doo

How could you not fall in love with her? It was only two days after Poco died when my husband began telling me that I needed another cat. In response to his statement, I shot fire from my eyes and replied through gritted teeth, "I don't want another cat." Period. Uh-huh, yep, I was adament. So, we went to the pound. I knew that I could never, would never want to, replace Poco; however, Kenny thought I might feel better if only I could have my lap filled. I was dubious and swore that this "other" cat could be any color except tabby. I did not want to soil the memory of my baby by "replacing" him with a cat of the same color.

As I looked over the 30 plus kittens at the pound, I wasn't impressed. Normally, I would be heartbroken at the sheer number of animals that needed homes, but I was grieving and selfish. All of the poor kittens were trying to get my attention by meowing, sticking their paws out at me and rolling over quite cutely. Though I probably should have been, my sadness prevented me from being overly moved at their attempts. I peeked in the back of one large cage and saw HER. Yes, she deserved capital letters. Unlike the others, she made no attempt to sway me with feline cuteness; instead, she stared at me and sent a booming message straight to the back of my brain. "I'm your cat." That was it. A few minutes later, the tabby who would be named "Popper" came home with us. Yes, another Tabby had chosen me and, despite my earlier protests, I was powerless to stop it.

Thankfully, she's no Poco. She is entirely, and wonderfully, unique. Almost. Is there something about tabbies that precludes a voracious sweet tooth? She's not lactose intolerant and, like her predecessor, she's not afraid to claim her food "rights." At first, I felt overwhelmingly guilty, but had to admit that the fuzzy little sweetness curled up in my lap actually DID help with the grief I was suffering from the loss of Roo. Little by little, I began to fall in love. I didn't want to, I didn't mean to...but I had little choice in the matter. I was afraid to give her my heart as it was broken already. Why would I want to chance that kind of pain again? The answer came to me a few days later. I don't want to suffer again, but the four years I had Poco were the best of my life. Had I not given him my heart, I would have lost more than I could have imagined. There are no guarantees, but the journey, no matter how long the duration, is the thing....the most wonderful thing. Poco would be pleased.

The photos on this page, though they look like Poco, are of Popper.

She is definitely unique. Look at that predatory concentration.  I'm proud to say that our house is totally safe if a hot pink feather attacks. I like Google, but Popper apparently isn't overly impressed. Popper is channeling Poco's sweet tooth. Oh, and we are safe from vicious paper money too. Psycho Kitty. She has a real difficult time relaxing. Popper is a thief! This was her first day here; her head no longer fits in these glasses, but that doesn't stop her from trying. No worries... This one tickles me pink.

Cathouse Prejudice

Photos of Poco

June 21, 2002: Poco loses his fight and breaks my heart...

OK, maybe it's not exactly "equal time," but there are a few others around here who deserve a picture or two.

We don't know exactly what Kira is breedwise, but we joke that someone had leftover dog parts and threw them together to make her.  Big head, thick chest and almost no legs -- we call her the SAUSAGE.

Kira Girl
This is one loyal pound puppy.
Kira in Leaf Pile
This cat has a story of his own and someday, I'll tell it.
Mexico "Mex"
What can I say, the cat loves corn.
Mex Eating John's Corn
Because of her ears, Kenny calls her her Flappy.
Maya: Always Comical

Maya Sitting Pretty
Oh my, this one illustrates her personality!
An Extra Shot of Maya,
Just Because It Makes Me Laugh
Misky Lou
This is Misky, who belongs to my parents. Any cat that sits
in a gutter just DESERVES to have her picture taken and posted
on the web! Too cute. (Photo courtesy of Gloria Wolfe)

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